Published by a.umammakeswari on Fri, 05/07/2010 - 08:32

I really liked this site. I'm happy I've joined here.
I've been looking for a good school for my son. He is currently in Matriculation board in Standard Vii. Now I would like to put him in a CBSE syllabus school.Is it advisible?

I've heard about the Maharishi international residential school near sriperumpudur. Now I would like to know about the school and its teaching standards? Will anybody give me detail review of the school?
I would like to know if the school gives an all round personality development giving the due importance to studies and not neglecting sports and activities.
I have asked so many people, but nobody gave me a good answer.
As the school is near Sriperumpuder, I hope I can get a good answer here.




You will find the best schools in the Sriperumbudur and gives the best of education as well as knowledge. But related to the Maharashi International School is the best school and a unit of the Maharashi Vidya Mandir Group. It is the school which is dedicated to the rise the level of the education with the motivation and achievement skills. The students there are raised to the brilliant character. They also give the inspiration for the high ideal of service and qualities of the leadership.

It is such a good site. To choose a good school for child is so necessary. Because good school gives good knowledge. They also do some curriculum activity with study. In good school the staff of the teachers are also educated with extra knowledge. Near Sriperumpudur the Maharishi International residential school is a best option. In that school CBSE education is available.

School is the place where you can get the knowledge of life.It gives a Good Friend,Teachers and other things.A School is total depend on a Value of it.sometime school's Study play a major role in a student life is very best life in the world.