Green field airport project status in sriperumbudur

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Green field airport project status in sriperumbudur

Hi everybody,


Can anyone inform the status of airport project in sirperumbudur?  When I talked to ETA property people, they said, the proposed airport will be near sungavachatram inside around 7 kms.  What is the status of VGP ramanjar town part I, II & III.





syed zubair


I have 2 plots is VGP ramanujar phase-2 and know some people who have plots in other phases also.As the latest report by times of india in nov 2011 the parallel runway expansion at the meenambakam airport has been cancelled as the govt is considering options to build a new airport.The TN govt has many times in the past 3-4 years proposed and again cancelled the airport.What ever the situation we can get the info only from the local taluk office.Even if the airport comes 7km inside they may take the land upto the main highway road which includes our plots in VGP ramanujar town also as you can see the meenambakam airport boundary wall from the airport main road itself.The guideline values in TN are set to increase sharply equalling the market rate or even more than that as the govt wants to reduce cash transactions in real estate.This may be an advantage for us plot owners in case god forbid our lands are acquired we can get get a better compensation.Unlike other VGP layout projects jayanthi town and vinoth town in pillaipakkam and vadakal village which were acquired by SIPCOT around 3 years earlier and they were given rates of  Rs 80-100/Sq.ft when the market rates were near Rs 500-550/Sq.ft.

Please share any information you have regarding the airport or any other aquisition problems in Sriperambadur as there is rapid development going on there and many people have lost their life savings due to the TN govt's improper,foolish and greedy planning by large scale Acquisitions .


Syed Zubair

VGP Vinoth Town Sriperumbudur -sipcot threat

Sh Syed Zubair

pl note that so far only notices have been sent to FEW Vinoth Town Allottees under VADGAL village and  the 2nd/3rd  notices are yet to be served / no discussions on rate of compensation / papers not yet submitted  to  Sipcot - no question of payment of compensation as such. 

As per the latest indications the state govt is sleeping over the issue and so is Sipcot who too havn't taken any step further - they are not replying/saying anything in the matter.

Tha matter of acquisition in Vadagal appears to be in the cold storage as for now and the uncertainty continues.

As for plot holders, they can not do anything but wait.

I shall request forum members to appraise others about  latest development if any - whether New Year can bring some cheers to the community.


Sudershan Pal


VGP Ramanujar Town II at Sriperumbudur,
I have Two own a plots at VGP Ramanujar Town II at Sriperumbudur, which is an approved layout. Can anybody tell me, if it is being acquire for Greenfield Airport project?. Now I am in Kuwait I don't have PATTA Please tell me how to approach for PATTA. Kassim Kuwait
Airport Status

I have been hearing abt the Airport ever since I used to visit Sriperumbudur around 2003, 2004 on official deputation. At that time, the NH4 Highway was not even in a motorable condition and Mofussil Buses were the only means of transport to the City. Construction of metalled road commenced sometime in 2005 only. MTC services were yet to start at that time. It used to take not less than 4 hours (3-1/2 hrs if lucky) to commute from Sriperumbudur to Kathipara Junction.

Personally, to me, the Greenfield Airport remains to be a dream only that occasionally provides me the kick to fire up my belly when I start thinking of my property, whether it would at least yield basic returns, even if not inflation-beating returns !

Based on the current state of affairs, I strongly have my own doubts on whether even Vision 2023 would be a reality in terms of availability of proper physical and social infrastructure in Sriperumbudur is concerned, let alone 5-7 years from now.

These terminologies like Airport, Rail Connectivity, Metro Extension, Monorail are very sweet to hear and hence are popular tools of infrastructure creators like builders, developers, plot sellers etc. to attract swarms of property-crazy Chennaites into getting fooled.

I should be probably, amongst the lucky few, who had at least the privilege of seeing my only property getting completed and handed over by the Builder.

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Group Discussion Invitation

To all the esteemed members on this thread,

1. Would you like to join the "VGP Sri Ramanujar Town II" group so that we may unpdate each other of developments?

2. We may also be able to collectively bargain for better benefits from the authorities, buyers, sellers, developers, etc.

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